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09 July 2018
Items: 1-17

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Maasai War Shield
Maasai war shield, an interesting decorative piece.
Ref: PY3198
Price: £195

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Antique Maritime Shark's Cartilage Walking Stick, 19th Century
Antique maritime walking stick from the 19th century. This unusual stick is made of shark's cartilage.

Length 35"
Ref: PY3213
Price: £195

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Battle of Britain Limited Edition Commemorate Plate
Caverswall 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Gadroon Plate. Limited Edition no.44 of only 250. Stephon Barnsley.

Has lived in its original box, mint condition.
Ref: GHA3097
Price: £145

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Round Aneroid Barometer with Carved Wooden Case
Aneroid barometer in good quality heavy wooden case with attractive carved details. Early 20th Century.

Diameter 8.5" (21.5cm)
Depth 3" (7.5cm)
Ref: PY4921
Price: £120

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Collectible Towering Inferno Stills and Program
Stills and program from the 1974 cinema film The Towering Inferno. A nice collectors package.
Price: £90

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Complete Collection of Ewbanks Cigarette Cards
A collection of 25 cigarette cards issued by Ewbanks Ltd., Pontefract. The collection is called 'Miniature Cars & Scooters'.
Price: £75

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Unusual Barometer, with Beveled Mirror and Two Brushes
Unusual vintage barometer with beveled mirror underneath and two wooden backed brushes which can be hund either side of the mirror. There are also two hooks below the mirror.

Height 16" (41cm)
Width 11" (28cm)
Ref: PY4927
Price: £65

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First Day Cover Set of Princess Diana Stamps
A set of first day cover stamps with commemorative envelope. The stamps all have the face value of 26p and one is on the envelope and franked Kensington 3rd February 1998. In collectible condition.
Price: £32

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Vintage Swiss Souvenir Spoon, Marked Rolex, Interlaken
Vintage Swiss souvenir spoon, marked ROLEX, Interlaken. By Bucherer of Switzerland. The bowl of this spoon shows a mountain view, with a row of trees and a clump of grass in the foreground. A fun little item for the Rolex collector?

Length 11cm
Width 2.2cm
Ref: RH/PY4147
Price: £9

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Classic Child's Rocking Horse
Classic and traditional dapple grey rocking horse on slider base. These rocking horse toys are popular with young children and also as interior design pieces in the traditional home.

This rocking horse is made of Glass Fibre and has real horse hair mane and tail, and leather saddle and bridle, which are removable with buckles on the girth and bridle. The stirrup leathers are also adjustable. It is in very good condition with a nice steady base.

Length of rocker base is 49" (125cm)
Max height of horse is 41.5" (105cm)

**REDUCED from 1250 to a bargain price of 500!!**
Ref: Biddy5301
This item has been sold

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Bass Nautical Ship's Gimballed Compass by Kelvin & Hughes
Brass Ship's compass by Kelvin and Hughes Ltd.
The compass is marked with serial number 901 C K.

Height 7" (18 cm)
Diameter 14" (36 cm)
Ref: DH3177
This item has been sold

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Antique Castle Spinning Wheel
Castle spinning wheel with double drive.
This is an unusual type of spinning wheel as the drive wheel and spinning head are stacked vertically, to reduce the working space and overall weight, making it easily portable. The wheel works in that the treadle turns the wheel, flyer and bobbin, although it may not be suitable for spinning.

Height 48" to top of distaff

Ref: PY3187
This item has been sold

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Antique Magic Lantern With Wooden Chest, circa 1800's
Stunning 19th Century green painted Magic Lantern with brass lens and beautiful wooden chest. This lantern was originally run by candlelight (see brass candle holder) but now also has the option to be run by electricity (comes with small bulb and plug).

No slides sold with this lantern but it comes with wooden slider to fit two slides, and fantastic large lens.
Ref: PY
This item has been sold

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Antique Bull Staff Leader on Oak Pole
An antique bull staff with an oak pole. Used to ensure the handler can remain at a safe distance from the bull's horns. The spring hook is operated by a wire or cord attached to the small eye.

Length 55"
Ref: PY3342
This item has been sold

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Hand Carved Oak Banjo Barometer and Thermometer
Hand Carved Oak Banjo Barometer and Thermometer , made in Great Britain. The thermometer is marked in Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

Height 23" (58.5cm)
Width 7" (18cm)
Depth 2" (5cm)
Ref: PY4922
This item has been sold

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Exellent Qulity Elephant Figurine
An excellent quality model of an elephant. This is a heavy piece, weighing over 1500 grams, made of resin.
We also have a matching rhinoceros, see the listing on our website.

Height 6"
Length 9"
Width 3.5"
Ref: Biddy4497
This item has been sold

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Antique Jointed Toy Monkey circa 1900
Appealing antique toy monkey with felt ears, paws, and face. This poor little chap is a little the worse for wear. He is missing one of his glass eyes and the tip of one lower paw. The head is a little loose as is the right hip joint.

Height 11" (28.5cm)
Ref: SJK4193
This item has been sold

Items: 1-17

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